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Real Talk | Reveal, Feel, Heal

Each other’s presence we need it, your existence is what gives mine meaning. I mean, real talk are you even BREATHING? Deep? Rooting it down stronger each inhalation? Stronger the roots the longer the stay here on planet earth. But hey, it’s okay to fuck up every now and then – to have those simple routine reminders of our humanness, it’s all needed. Stop judging. Yourself first, and the rest rests and finds order. Chaotic thoughts and energies, why make space for them when in that single moment of choice, lies the power to heal the world. Or universe for that matter, so why?

Such fear to follow the higher path, to be a saint in this crazy place. There I go blaming this physical hologram for my fears. Crazy thing about fear though is it that the minute you truly transcend from it, your energy – that which influences what you attract – has truly changed its frequency and keeps your physical reality from manifesting these undesired outcomes.

Nothing to fear, it’s something to heal.

Ebbs, flows, whatever the situation friend, flow.

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