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What's going on?

The crisis we're facing is spiritual malnutrition -on a planetary scale. A lost connection, to ourselves and everything around us. Almost all indigenous cultures were closely connected to nature and revered and treated it as the provider. They knew and acknowledged the fact that we're merely a strand in this web of creation and whatever we do to another life form, will directly or indirectly affect the whole- with which we are always and all-ways a part of. It is this understanding that allowed our planet and her inhabitants to thrive for generations upon generations because it is through this understanding that we knew not to exploit the earth's resources as it would disturb the balance of the whole and we- one strand within the web- would have to live through the consequences and lessons that comes thereof. Even more so, we had a more loving connection instead of this give and take capitalistic sort of relationship we have with everything now.

Good news is, a brighter day is upon us despite what we hear in the fear based mainstream (dis)information we get bombarded with everyday. A fresh new start is written in the stars for us and it is up to us to choose and follow through with this new way. For those of us that choose to remain in the old paradigm mindset and heartset- disenchanted and disconnected - there will be no one stopping them from doing so either, but a more beautiful and happier life is possible for each and every one of us. For the ones that choose to tap into their higher selves and serve the earth and all of creation through their higher purpose, the blessings are many. They may come in the form of an adventurous lifestyle, perfectly timed synchronicity in life events, incredibly aligned manifestations, prayers answered, intuition based guidance and so on. But taking this leap involves a great deal of letting go of society's standards and expectations, challenging the status quo, and facing and humbling our egos. In metaphorical terms it is jumping into the darkness not knowing what's going to happen to you but trusting that the universe has a plan and will take care of you no matter what; and in literal terms this might be walking away from a dead end job having no other sources of incom e or safety net to fall on but believing that you will find a way. There is tremendous power in taking this sovereign stand and claiming yourself worthy of better and greater things.

We humans are highly resonant creatures and our heart alone is capable of creating electromagnetic waves that can be measured for up to 20ft with present day scientific technology.

What is so significant about this specific time period?

Our Sun and the sun Sirius dances around each other in a 26,000 year cycle and within this cycle is four ages that are directly linked to the levels of consciousness the planets in the two solar systems will be experiencing. With the turn that we took in the loop our sun does with Sirius, we're now headed back towards the Golden Age (Mayan Term). According to the Mayans, and many other cultures, astrologers and astronomers, in the 26000 year cycle of their dance through the cosmos, these two suns were the furthest apart in 2012 and with the prophesized shifting of the ages, they now took the turn to come back towards each other. Sirius is one of the most magnetically powerful Suns in our known universe and hence the effects felt here on earth. Many ancient cultures believe that this is a time of great healing and transition. A time of rebirth for our Mother Earth. Sure, everything seems extremely hectic when we see things for what they just are- wars, natural disasters, droughts, genetically modified crops contaminating our fields of green to satisfy a few men's greed, poisons spoiling our soil, our political and legal structures shaping themselves to gain control over all resources and our planet thereof, and the list goes on. But behind the curtains, there is some major rearranging of the stage occurring.

'When the Earth is ravaged and the animals are dying off, a new race of people will come unto Earth, from all colors, races and creeds, who by their actions and deeds, shall turn the Earth green again. They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow.' - Native American Prophecy.

Have faith.

For every person still asleep, soaking in all the trash of modern day culture that flows to us through the river we call the mainstream, there's another person swimming in more pristine waters, learning the stars and plants, or joining hands to keep poisons off our lands. The transition is not going to happen overnight, and that's okay. Each individual and their actions are always a blessing or a blessing in disguise. It's lessons and blessings. There is a sacred balance to it all. And it is always in harmony, although sometimes perceived through the eyes of duality as either good or bad. One man kills, and another heals.

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